How to install arrow wraps

How to install Arrow wraps. Tips for removing old arrow wraps. Heat a pot of boiling water and dip the arrow with wrap under water for a few seconds to heat and soften the wrap and glue. Find the overlap edge and peal wrap off. You may have to re-dip and do this a few times to keep it warm....

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How to install your new Boat Ruler Decal

How to install our Boat Ruler decals Make sure surface is very clean. Wash 1st. with soap and water. 2nd wipe surface area with alcohol. IMPORTANT: Our decals are made from high quality vinyl and have UV clear lamination which makes the material sturdy. DO NOT install in direct hot sun or pull on decal as applying. Decal can stretch....

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How to install your new tailgate wrap

Installing your new tailgate wrap: TOOLS NEEDED: Measuring tape, razor knife, blue painters tape, squeegee cloth cover, heat gun, piano wire. FIRST STEP CLEANING: Make sure to clean very good with soap and water. Dry all water and use wax and grease remover.  The final cleaning should be done with basic rubbing Alcohol. Removing emblems with piano wire is an...

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How to install perforated window film

Please read these installation instructions before attempting your install. Please note that laminated window graphics are much more difficult to install due to not allowing the air to escape from the holes. The life of your window graphic depends on the install process. For laminated graphics watch the video below to see how to use edge sealing tape. This will...

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How to install your new cornhole board wrap. The east way without any air bubbles.

How to install cornhole board wraps

For a high quality installation your wood surface should be sealed and as smooth as possible for our wraps to stick well. Make sure the surface is very clean and dirt free before applying the wrap. Our wraps are printed on Oracal Air Release vinyl. This special vinyl material is designed to be installed dry. It will apply without air...

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Prepping and Cleaning for decal installation

So you just received your new vinyl decals or graphic in the mail and you have no idea how to install them correctly without messing them up. “We suggest reading this entire page as it contains important steps to properly prepping the surface before installation and care of your decals after installed. Drop down menu above has links to actual...

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