Prepping and Cleaning for decal installation

By RICK colwell January 28, 2019 0 comments

So you just received your new vinyl decals or graphic in the mail and you have no idea how to install them correctly without messing them up.

“We suggest reading this entire page as it contains important steps to properly prepping the surface before installation and care of your decals after installed. Drop down menu above has links to actual install instruction application tips.”

Decal installations may very a lot by the type of decal, it’s size and the area where being installed. Our instructions should cover most popular installations.

Cleaning the surface: For vehicle installations it’s best to wash it with soap and water. Car wash soaps work best. Soap and water is the best way to remove dirt grime, bugs and tree sap. Make sure the vehicle drys well before final cleaning.

Painted body panel: Final cleaning should be done with common rubbing alcohol. Make sure no haze or residue lines exist.

Glass surface: Feel the glass to make sure there’s no dirt. You can use a razor blade widget to make sure glass is smooth. Final cleaning should be done with common rubbing alcohol making sure no haze or residue lines exist.

Common FAQ’s:

Can decals be installed on heated glass?  Yes they can on the outside but not directly on the heat element on the inner glass.

Can window wipers go over the decal surface?  Yes. We try not to make our decals with very small or thin pieces that will roll back from wiper wear. Wipers will shorten the life of the decal. 

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