Remington Trapper & Mid Size Folder Twin Knife Combo Pack Wild Turkey Collector Tin

Remington Trapper & Mid Size Folder Twin Knife Combo Pack Wild Turkey Collector Tin

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The Remington Collection
Remington's Collection is the single largest holding of sporting and wildlife related art in the world! You can find more than 400 different images of art in the published book by Tom Davis, "The Art of Remington Arms." Bob Kuhn and Tom Beecham spent many years creating these nostalgic and real to life scenes that appeared in the infamous Remington Calendar for decades. You are sure to enjoy your collectible tin for display or use.

Tin Set Includes:

• One (1) Trapper Knife: 3 ½” Closed
• One (1) Lockback Knife: 3 ½” Closed; Lanyard Hole
• Stag Delrin Handle Material with “R” Medallion inlay
• Stainless Steel Blades with Remington logo
• Collectible Tin with Nostalgic Remington Artwork

Remington Knives are Sharp - In More Ways Than One

Remington began manufacturing top- quality pocket knives I the early 1920’s, ever since their initial introductions. Remington knives have been prized for their functional design, unsurpassed workmanship, and first- rate materials. Today, our knives feature blades of the finest cutlery steel made in American steel mills. The steel is hardened and tempered for toughness and extended edge retention, then hand honed to a super sharp cutting edge.
•High Carbon Steel – Easy to sharpen, is strong and able to take hold an edge for longer periods of time. Carbon steel has a tendency to darken with use. This is natural and does not affect the knife’s performance. To minimize rust, wipe all blades with Rem™ Oil.
•440 Stainless Steel – Super tough stainless steel with superior edge holding qualities. Blade discoloration or rust are non- existent.

The handles, of durable quality materials, grip tight and feel comfortable. With proper care, the handle will keep its brilliance for many years. Designed to work hard and last long, a joy to collect and use.

DO's -
•An occasional drop of Rem™ Oil in the moving part of a knife will assure easier opening and closing, prevent rust and lessen wear.
•Discolorations on knives are usually caused by perspiration and fingertips and cannot be avoided… it is the property of the metal. It is not a defect and is not covered under Warranty.
•Blades must always be kept clean and dry.
•Blades should be wiped clean with an oil-moistened cloth to prevent rust and/or discoloration.
•Treat your sheath with a preservative to prevent drying and cracking. Sheath and knife should be stored separately when not in use.
•Nickel- Silver bolsters similar to fine sterling silver; it will tarnish during storage. It does not require occasional polishing to bring back its luster and sheen.

DON'Ts -
•Your knife was designed to cut and not to be used as a heavy-duty tool.
•Do not use your knife as a hammer, pry-bar, screwdriver or for any other task requiring a special tool.
•Power driven grinding wheel to sharpen your knife SHOULD NEVER BE USED… this can burn the temper from your blade.
•Any misuse or abuse such as described above voids your Remington Warranty.

Sharpening Your Knife
•Use a good medium/ fine stone or steel, moistened with Rem™ Oil.
•Be sure to maintain the same honing angle during all strokes, 20° makes a good all-around edge.
•Blades should be drawn edge first across face of stone or steel.
•Count your honing strokes, then turn blade over and hone the other side with an equal number of strokes.
•Start strokes with heavy pressure, then ease off to lighter pressure and finish off with a lighter stroke. (This applies to both sides of blade.)

How to sharpen serrated blades

A serrated blade should seldom need sharpening. However, if it does, sharpen only the back side of the blade. (Serrations should be facing up.)