Tannerite White Lightning 22 rimfire target pack of 15 binary exploding explosive rifle pistol

Tannerite White Lightning 22 rimfire target pack of 15 binary exploding explosive rifle pistol

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Tannerite White Lightning 22 lr Rimfire Exploding Target Pack of 15

Illinois Customers: FOID Card required for purchase. Must be 18 years or older to purchase exploding targets. Cannot be shipped to California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Tennessee, New York City or Washington DC or outside the lower 48 states. Orders placed with these shipping address will be refunded. Check your state and local laws.

The Tannerite White Lightening Rimfire Exploding Targets are safe and small, yet VERY loud. The White Lightening targets are fun and awesome targets for introducing younger shooters to the sport of shooting. No more mundane punching holes in paper, pick up a pack of exploding targets, and your family will be hooked on shooting. The targets can be detonated at low velocities, so rimfires, handguns, and shotguns are all fair game. Crank up the fun in your next round of backyard sporting clays by mixing in a few White Lightening targets, use them for long range rimfire shooting, the possibilities are endless with these targets. 

The White Lightening targets do not have the same properties of standard Tannerite rifle targets. If shot in a dry hay field, these could initiate a fire. Although they pass drop-tests and are safe with any normal handling procedures, Tannerite does not want you to mistake them with Tannerite’s incredibly safe properties of the exploding centerfire rifle targets. Although they will not explode from a spark, they can burn at a fast rate if they come in contact with fire, so just follow the precautions stated on the package and enjoy. 

Technical Information: 
Kit includes 15 Rimfire Target canisters, mix, catalyst, measuring utensil, and instructions. Recommended Minimum Shooting Distance: 50 Yards

Warning: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND CAUTIONs BEFORE USING This product must not be mixed away from the location of use and should be detonated soon after mixing. Do not transport mixed product. Do not resell mixed product. Do not store mixed product. Comply with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations regarding use of and/or disposal of mixed and undetonated product.